Hello Superviews

I use computers a lot1, and like to collect screenshots of things that I find good or bad or notable for whatever reason, and want to start posting some of them here. I’m going to call them Superviews. 2 I’ve already posted a few examples.

Each one will be short and sweet, but I hope that over time I’ll build up a nice archive. In that sense, it’s a little bit like But, it will be a little less-structured (at least for now), and more of a running commentary of things I come across, making it a little bit like Error’d (but not just for WTF-type things) or Little Big Details (but not just good things).


Mechanically, they will just be normal posts on this site (with a tag). That means they will show up in my all-posts RSS feed, which may get a little noisier as a result. So, if you want to subscribe to only the other posts on this site, I made a few new feeds:

  1. hashtag humblebrag 

  2. Maybe really bad ones can be called “Stuporviews”?