Create More Little Things

I’m not calling it a “New Years Resolution”, but I do want to start writing more here, and making more visible progress on side projects. So, this goal from Zach Waugh sounds like a nice approach:

Create more little things. I want to do projects where I might be done in a day, or even an hour. Where I can feel good (or bad) about it, and then move on. Too often I think about tackling big projects, that will take months or more to complete, and end up becoming a burden.


In that spirit, I spent some time over the past few days updating the design on this site, and integrating PhotoSwipe as a nice image gallery. For example, you can click on the photos in my Soledad Shirt post to get nice bigger versions.

I was a little dismayed looking at the Arcive page to see just a few posts each for 2013 and 2014 (not that I was very prolific before that either), so hopefully I can beat that this year. And, with this post, I’m already tied with 2014, so that’s a good start.