Comments vs. Feedback

I’ve always viewed the “I’m turning off comments on my website” complaints as a bit of a hashtag-humblebrag, in the sense that if you’re getting enough comments to be a hassle, then you must be pretty popular.

However, I just found a note that I wrote while listening to an episode of Critical Path a while back, that it struck me as interesting that Horace mentioned that he loves all the feedback he gets. And, I remember hearing him say this before at some point (probably on a previous episode). And, I realized there is probably a key distinction between “comments” and “feedback” – where they have implicit-but-unspoken prefixes of “useless” and “insightful”, respectively.

So, maybe the issue is that we should be striving to get “feedback”. A simple step in that direction would be to label the form field as such. But, since I don’t have comments on this site, I will remind you that you can always send me feedback on twitter to @kelan.