Wilson Miner - When We Build

[Wilson Miner - When We Build]( (bibliography [here](

I thoroughly enjoyed this. His presentation style was captivating, and the whole thing was really well executed.

I particularly liked his point about the inherent intuitiveness of magazines (or rather, the lack thereof); an example which I had not heard before.

Also, this jumped out at me (though it may have just been the music that accented it):

The smallest changes can be transformative. But they have to be the right changes. And discovering what those are takes patience. You have to pay attention.

I’ve always wondered how you know what the right changes are. I assume he’s not saying that all it takes is a little patience and paying attention, but rather that those are merely two of the many prerequisites. Hard work is presumably required too. And time. Lots of time. In fact, my current operating assumption is that the only way to get the experience required to be able to know things like that is to have spent an inordinate amount of time learning and doing and failing (especially failing) with similar tasks in the past. Anything aside from that is just luck.